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Electronic PCBs & Enclosures - Masking and Sealing Experts

新濠天地体育登陆网址 was founded in 1966 in a garage in Silicon Valley by die-cutting masking tapes for printed circuit board manufacturers.  Masking in this industry is how we started.  Since then, we've worked with some of the top electronic component manufacturers by providing both standard and custom solutions utilized in all phases of the manufacturing process.

Echo's Capabilities

Outside of being able to provide you with a variety of different material options to choose from, Echo specializes in precision die-cutting and custom-molded rubber masking solutions used to mask off surfaces during processes, like conformal coating, plating, and powder coating.

Masking Tapes for Printed Circuit Boards

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silicone plugs for powder coating threaded holessilicone plugs for powder coating threaded holes

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Learn How to Mask Circuit Boards Before Conformal Coating

All industries have specific requirements when it comes to masking, and the electronics industry is no different! In our recent post, we take you through why masking is a requirement for PCBs and what methods you can use to mask them off before going through your conformal coating process.

Masking a printed circuit board for conformal coatingMasking a printed circuit board for conformal coating